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Mode-Moderne Journal was launched in 2012, apart of the Mode-Moderne Group, a publication which carried and created the brand, Mode-Moderne, curating a sophisticated, smart and hip read for those interested in the international perspective.

Founder and Publisher, Roxana Vosough, says "MMJ. is a source where people can come and take a leisurely stroll through what unique exhibitions, events, and what people are accomplishing on a global context.

MMJ. releases monthly issues, with particular themes which curate the content in it's feature sections, Art, Fashion, Cuisine, Life and it's Moderne Day Series, composed of extraordinary men and women who exemplify the "moderne" way of life, by making their mark in the world amidst their passions, professions and aspirations. Issue’s also feature a Guest Editors, an accomplished and recognized individual in their field, who guides, curates and introduces the issue.

MMJ. is composed of an international team of ambassador's, writers, photographers, editors, who have a a great and sincere interest in their respective fields, which attribute to the genuine passion that stems from each article.

"Mode-Moderne Journal strives to provide an aestheticly simple platform which is composed of an editorial prestige which aims in capturing people changing the world, while chronicling and curating what seems to captivate us in the global context"

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