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Eco Sun Integrated

​How would you describe sustainability?

I would say the technical definition of sustainability, as it pertains to buildings, is the act of being responsible for the resources in use and being conscience about the long-term economical and environmental impact.

What is your product and how is it better for the environment?

The goal of ESI is to reduce consumer energy consumption. When energy demand is reduced, utility bills are reduced, and therefore the consumers overall carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment is reduced as well. We offer excellent energy-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. All the products we install contribute to the complete system that increases the energy efficiency of a building. These products are proven to work together on reducing energy use and saving 25 to 60 percent on most utility bills.

What stemmed your interest in sustainability? 

I originally had a background in construction and structured finance with utility scale solar farms and commercial solar projects when I realized the potential of energy efficiency. All these buildings that we were putting solar on to reduce these massive energy bills could easily have been half the size if proper energy saving measures were introduced prior to solar installation. Solar, if sized correctly, will offset current utility demand and create utility independence. This is true, but there are multiple measures that can be taken to reduce the overall energy demand for a building before installing solar, and that’s the business I wanted to be in.

Thus far, what is your biggest achievement in sustainability?
We have energy efficient retrofitted over 1,000 homes in the past three years. This has reduced countless kilowatt-hours of consumption and reduced many homeowner utility bills. Helping homeowners save money and the environment in down economy is by far our biggest accomplishment.

What changes would you like to see in the world in the next 20 years?
I would like to see people become aware of what energy efficiency and sustainability are. I believe energy efficiency upgrades, or at least an energy assessment with a documented report, should become mandatory when a new home is purchased and before solar is installed.

Even when you’re driving home from work, out to run errands, or going to the gym, the importance of protecting our environment surrounds us. An essential method in doing so is through energy-efficient ideas and implementation, like Eco-Sun Integrated (ESI). Founder Kyle Gorman speaks of sustainability’s impact pertaining to the economy through the use of solar panels and other relevant methods:

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