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Interior Design

It’s important to define your office from other areas of your home.  This way when you sit down in the space, you feel ready to work. One effective way to section off your office, is by painting the walls a different color than other rooms in your home.  Paint the walls your favorite color, something bright and energetic, as you will be spending a lot of time in there.  Another way to define the office space is with an area rug.  A rug with a pattern or with multiple colors is a good idea because spots and stains will blend in.  Measure out your office and select the largest rug that will fit.  The rug should cover as much floor space as possible.   A great source for rugs is Mansour Modern in Los Angeles.  The area rug “Moroccan” by Ben Soleimani has plenty of pattern to distract attention should your shoes be a little dirty one day!

It’s also extremely important that your clients feel comfortable when they enter your office.  Invest in a coffee machine and a unique artwork for the space.  Both these items are great icebreakers.  The client will appreciate you offering a beverage, plus coffee will keep you alert during your meeting.  The artwork serves as a conversation piece.  Select a work you feel some connection to or are inspired by.  Your client may be intrigued by the artwork as well and an interesting conversation could transpire before you get down to business.  Look at works by artist Alex MacLean who captures distinctive settings in her unusual photographs.  If you happen to love roller coasters, her photo called “Roller Coaster and Water Slides” would be the perfect piece for your office.

When it comes to selecting furniture, chose unique items and avoid clutter.  The main piece should be your desk.  A desk with drawers is essential so you can easily hide papers, pens, etc. when a client is coming over for a meeting.  Paul Laszlo’s “Turquois Lacquered Wood Desk” from Galerie Eric Philippe is a great option.  The desk is a lively color and has a side cabinet for storage.  Make sure you have a chair on both sides of the desk, one for you to sit and work at and one for a client to sit across from you.  Xavier Lust’s “Gun Metal Chair” is playful and funky making it a stand out piece for your office.  For additional seating, purchase a couple small moveable stools that can serve as seats should a meeting consist of more than two people.  Use the stools as side tables when they are not being used for seating.

Finally, install a light fixture over your desk.  Find a large-scale fixture that is about half the length of your desk and hang it over the center of the desk.  The more light the fixture emits, the better, as ample light will help keep you up during late nights.

With just a couple updates to your home office, you will feel ready to work and proud to invite your clients over for meetings.  Painting your walls, selecting key pieces of furniture, and adding efficient lighting, will help you achieve a professional and chic setting you and your clients will love!

Working from home can have huge advantages for an entrepreneur. Not only is rent affordable, there is no travel time to get to the office, and you can obviously work any hour of the day, as there are no building business hours. However, entrepreneurs may feel confused when it comes to making their home office look and feel professional. Fortunately there are many ways to make your home office functional, stylish, and a place you are proud to invite clients to.

By Alexis Manfer


Alexis Manfer is the president of Alexis Manfer Interior Design.  She received her graduate degree from UCLA in Interior Design and has completed projects throughout the U.S. For more on Alexis, visit 

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