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Despite what your preconceived notions might be, custom menswear is enjoying a moment these days.  The Internet age, technology, and general interest in clothing and fit have converged to create a time where custom clothing is no longer reserved for the wealthy elite.  Rather, it has become an important part of the well-dressed man’s routine.  As men seek out and focus on better fitting garments, enterprising folks have created new and unique ways to service the customer in the custom clothing realm.  Moderately priced online tailoring shops, like Indochino, Ratio Clothing, and others, offer the benefits of a custom garment at prices attainable to most.  Additionally, creative, passionate people are putting new spins on the traditional in-person men’s tailoring shops and creating unique, wonderful experiences.  Melissa Hendrix at San Diego’s Crow Thief is one such person.

By Scott Wicken

Crow Thief is truly a unique sartorial destination.  Owners Melissa Hendrix and her husband Ray Lawson have carved out a welcome niche in custom menswear with their casual and rugged men’s garments.  Unlike more traditional custom tailors who specialize in formal garments like suits, dress shirts, and the like, Crow Thief specializes in casual styled clothing like button up shirts, blazers, vests, slacks and custom denim.  Melissa’s designs strike that perfect balance between casual and dressed up and are versatile enough that they can be worn with nearly anything.  Utilizing denim, leather accents, unique buttons, and all manner of custom details the design and creative options are nearly unlimited.

Part of what makes going to Crow Thief so special is that Melissa and Ray really make you feel welcome and influential in the design process.  It is this collaborative nature of their business that really makes the customer feel a sense of pride in the clothes they are receiving, in addition to the obviously wonderful result of receiving the stylish and versatile goods she creates.

A keen eye for style and an entrepreneurial spirit is certainly paying huge dividends for Melissa, Ray and Crow Thief.  They were recently named “Best Menswear in San Diego” and were also featured in Riviera Magazines April men’s style issue as " The place to shop for custom clothing in San Diego".  With their passion, skill and unique vision, the sky’s the limit for Melissa, Ray, and Crow Thief.  As custom clothing continues to enjoy it’s moment I encourage stylish men everywhere to explore the unique tailoring options like Crow Thief that are blazing a trail for new, stylish menswear experiences.

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Scott Wicken is an apparel industry professional and blogger living in Los Angeles. He writes his own menswear focused blog Sigtweed & Corduroy, and can be found on Twitter at @sigtweed. 

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