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​​​​​​​​​​​​By: Scott Wicken

With men everywhere embracing color into their wardrobes, footwear designers are giving men an incredible array of options to express their own color palette with fresh, colorful spins to a classic: suede bucks.  Traditionally the domain of lawn parties and blueblood summers at The Cape, the suede buck now enjoys prominence on the feet of nearly every stylish man. Further upping the style quotient, designers at all levels have incorporated a bright spectrum of hues that have transformed previously staid footwear into unique and fun pops of color.

Credit for the emergence of this trend primarily goes to former J. Press creative director Mark McNairy (comically known as “McNasty” amongst the menswear blog collective), who founded his own company, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam in 2008.  McNairy began incorporating colorful pops into the soles of his traditional suede bucks such as a bright lime green with a traditional off white suede for a unique twist.  Buyers at Barney’s New York recognized this unique blend of traditional yet modern, and a legend was born.

These days, colorful suede bucks can be had in any of a myriad of colors from brick red to lime green to a versatile navy.  Simple traditional colors like gray and off white are injected with a pop of color via a bright yellow or red sole.  Wearable with everything from a summer cotton suit to shorts, these shoes add a great dose of personality and prep sensibility.   Additionally, due to their popularity, they can be found at a variety of different price points and color combinations.

Nordstrom house brand 1901 offers an imminently affordable candy colored range at right around $100.  Mid priced choices like the Cole Haan Day To Night and American stalwart Walk Over hit the $250 range.  Finally, for the high end, designer houses like Esquivel, Jill Sander, and McNairy himself offer variations at every conceivable price point.

Donning a colorful buck not only tells the world you’re a man of confidence but also a man who appreciates a dose of personality with his attire.


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Scott Wicken is an apparel industry professional and blogger living in Los Angeles. He writes his own menswear focused blog Sigtweed & Corduroy, and can be found on Twitter at @sigtweed. 

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