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Fashion | ISSUE III


Despite their near ubiquity these days, heavy, silk tropical shirts three sizes too big isn’t everyone’s ideal vacation wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean a stylish man has to be relegated to ratty t-shirts and trunks his entire vacation. In fact, planned and chosen thoughtfully, a sharp and comfortable wardrobe for a man’s vacation can be simpler than one might think. The key in choosing a proper and cultured vacation wardrobe is one that relies on versatility, which not only gives you the options you need but also cuts down on over-packing and unnecessary bulk.  The relaxed vacation look doesn’t have to be sloppy, and a few classic choices will give you the dose of style your vacation needs.  Think Ryan Gosling at Cannes, The Rat Pack in Miami, not John Candy in The Great Outdoors. 

The foundation for a stylish man’s vacation starts with a sturdy and distinct bag, and I’m not talking about a beat up, black nylon roller.  A versatile weekend bag in waxed canvas, distressed leather, or colorful canvas is a great place to start.  Man up and carry your bag, a nice tote deserves some respect.

When shopping, forgo those over-sized, silk tropical shirts and focus on classic, well-fitting brands like Brooks Brothers, Faconnable, Lacoste, Banana Republic and Polo.  With versatility in mind and warm climes on your itinerary, simple, classic shirts like linen and madras cotton are the perfect vacation option.  Mix up your colors and patterns and don’t be afraid to work a nice saturated red, green, or aqua into your bag.  Simple pastels like light blue, pink, and yellow also garner key points for classic style.  Combined with a clean, structured linen or cotton pant you have the perfect evening and dinner choice.  Should a slight breeze be in the air, top with a casual, unstructured linen or cotton blazer in navy blue or tan for a completed look.  Cool and comfortable shirts can also pull double duty worn more casually with shorts during the daytime.  For daytime and beachwear keep your shorts and trunks trim and well fitting, just like your trousers.  Classic surf brands like Sundek, Quiksilver, and OP have got you covered with trim fitting, colorful trunks.  Top with a simple, slim fit t-shirt or a plaid short-sleeved shirt, a sublime afternoon awaits.

Due to their comfort and high-style quotient, the ever-versatile casual driving loafer works well dressed up, as well as with shorts and more relaxed attire.  A nice boat shoe also can pull double duty with daytime wear, as well as evening attire.  Ditch your socks, the high shine leather and wear with confidence.  A simple leather beach sandal looks infinitely better than rubber throwaways and can take you easily from the beach or pool to late afternoon cocktails.

Breeze through the airport in style, hit the beach, and relax… Your vacation class is in the bag.  Just don’t forget sunscreen.

​​​​​​​​​​​​By Scott Wicken

Scott Wicken is an apparel industry professional and blogger living in Los Angeles. He writes his own menswear focused blog Sigtweed & Corduroy, and can be found on Twitter at @sigtweed. 

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