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Interior Design


By Alexis Manfer

Now that winter is upon us, you may be wishing your home décor felt a little cozier.    As we transition from warm weather to cooler weather, there a few simple solutions to update your Interior Design so it reflects the changing seasons.  No need to re-design everything, just follow the tips below and you’ll soon be comfortably nestled inside your home on a chilly day.

Start by switching out your throw pillows and blankets from light and airy fabrics to heavier fabrics.  Look for pillows and blankets with thick textures and rich colors.   The deep blue cotton velvet quilt by Frette is a perfect example; velvet is an exceedingly soft and warm material with texture.  Also, Pendleton’s fringed throw pillow is ultra-luxurious as it’s made of wool and filled with feather-fill inserts.   Hue like deep reds, greens, and blues evoke a lively Holiday spirit.

Next, find some unique candlestick holders you love and add candles anywhere in your home.  Choose one style and stick with it throughout to keep the overall design cohesive.  Place the candles on your bedroom side tables, dining table, or on your mantle.  Candle flames add a soft glow to any room and provide a little extra touch of warmth. 

Another great investment is a variety of hefty coffee table books. Go to your local bookstore and find coffee table books that interest you.  Look for large-scale books that you can stack on top of each other.  Choose a variety of topics for interest.  The idea is to add layers on your coffee table.  The books will look good and give you something to flip through on lazy days spent on your sofa.

Finally, add one or several oversized poufs to your TV room.  The cable knit sweater “Urchin” poufs by Christien Meindertsma are so inviting.   Not only do they provide additional seating, but also they can be placed on your sofa and used as body pillows.  The chunky woven material exudes comfort and creates a relaxed vibe in the room.

With just a few updates to your décor, you’ll be ready to spend chilly weather days inside your home with family and friends.

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Alexis Manfer is the president of Alexis Manfer Interior Design.  She received her graduate degree from UCLA in Interior Design and has completed projects throughout the U.S. For more on Alexis, visit 

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