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Moderne Day Man vintage 


By Kelly Shannon

Like any little girl, I loved playing dress-up in my mother’s closet as a child. And because she’s never thrown anything away, I still can. She has always said it’s because, “Old styles always come back in,” and thus, never wants to get rid of any of her fun, funky favorites. A funny thing happened while I was reading about our Modern Man, Mr. John Lennon; I was sent an email from a clothing website that featured a young brunette girl wearing Lennon’s signature round, wire-framed sunglasses. I guess mother does know best.

The Beatles were, without question, the most popular and influential rock band in history. They defined a generation by connecting with hundreds of millions of fans from around the globe. Between the disciplined mind of Paul McCartney and the quick-thinking and intricate mind of John Lennon, the perspective of The Beatles was to always be different. “I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people,” said Lennon. The band, who were constantly trying new endeavors, introduced an entirely new range of music after the war, as people wanted a new style of life. Being from England, The Beatles traveled the world, more so than any other group before. Lennon picked up cultural styles and promoted world peace at each global stopover. The airport in Liverpool (where Lennon was born and The Beatles formed) is even named after the man of the world.

John Lennon was not just a renowned songwriter, vocalist and musician, he was a man of innumerable traits. This Beatle preached world peace, argued politics, protested war, wrote books; he was the Beatle of the world. His vast effect on modern culture is evident everywhere, even in today’s generation. His iconic style grew from a profound relationship between music and fashion. He will forever be remembered by his rebellious actions toward society, his music, and his inspiring personal style.

Just like today, where fashion is dating back to a post-war period from 50 years ago, the world needs a change. We have to regress and to build off something old to start fresh. John Lennon’s iconic personal style is something we are going back to and building from. It’s that perfect casual chic, unlike the drab attire that’s plagued mainstream fashion for the past couple years, filling our wardrobes with sad shades of grey, brown, neutrals and black. Color is popping again, the mod era is back, and Lennon, in a way, is reborn.




Kelly Shannon, a california journalist from Laguna Beach believes each of our unique lifestyles creates our very own way of life; from our preferences of art & literature to fashion & music. Shannon is deeply intrigued by the creators and innovators of trends, style, and vitality. Shannon is also the Editor in Chief of MMJ.


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