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By Roxana Vosough

​​​​​​​​​​​​Image Credit: Douglas Niell for Mode-Moderne Journal

David Lynch, acclaimed director of Mulholland Dr. and Blue Velvet, hosted a “coming out party” in downtown L.A. at the Bootleg Theater for a new collaborator, singer Chrysta Bell.

The night began with guests arriving in the main room, resembling a large warehouse, where everyone was amidst what seemed to be deep conversations and great curiosity for the performance. When the clock struck 10 o’clock in the evening, guests were guided to another room with a small stage. Everyone quickly tried to find his or her perfect spot, waiting in anticipation for the concert to begin. However, thirty minutes later, guests were guided to yet another room, far greater than the previous. This room resembled an old movie theater, with a row of seats upon the entrance and far greater space for standing room, leading to the main stage. Arriving to the main performance area was an experience in itself.

Lynch introduced the singer to a cheering crowd. “Chrysta Bell is round and fully packed. Sometimes people dream, or sometimes people walk down the street and wonder: What is that shape? What is that sound?”

Chrysta Bell delivered a dreamy performance, capturing her audience, as they were introduced to this new voice, trying to make sense and classify its genre. Rolling Stone claimed, “[her] songs were at times dreamy and torrid, smoky and tortured.”

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