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Note from The Publisher & Founder                                          

A wandering mind, continually in search, ceasing to focus, always in thought, strolls through the realms of creativity, exploring ideas, seeking originality, pensive and pondering, it is an infinite space, that is at times impossible to escape from.

The moment the mind disengages from this space, is the time where the creative geniuses of the world emerge. I invite you to explore the creative realm that MMJ. has tapped into from various corners of the world.

This month, MMJ. ISSUE VIII: The Creative Realm, takes you into a contemporary photography exhibit in Belgium, to the launch of Ghana’s premier Fashion Design Week, to the Philosophy behind originality, to Cuisine that defines our nostalgic past, to interior design, curating a home for the winter season.

We continue our Moderne Day Series, with photographer, Arianne Moshayedi, who takes us into her journey in establishing her unlikely career in the creative field, with a beautiful portfolio of work, which also graces the cover of this months issue.

Furthermore this issue is dedicated to our readers through out the globe seeking to discover the obscure, those who able to change the world in their mind for the better, through ceaseless ideas, thoughts and ambitions.

Also a note to the creatives, MMJ. is always looking for writers to contribute, check out our 
Let’s Talk page, to find out how to become apart of the team!

I would also like to again thank our contributing editors this month, Dorothy McClelland and Scott Wicken for their excellent editorial skills in composing this issue.

-Roxana Vosough

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