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For me, fashion has been about maintaining a certain aura of class and sophistication while interweaving the beauty of the sensual figure. I strive to explicate my own style with in and out of trends. I play with the concept of haute couture and vintage pieces passed down from my mother and grandmothers, bringing them into my own mode while establishing a modern style that is distinctly me.

I look and absorb. I see what works on others and what works on me. I play.

International Style is present in all modes of our being. This month MMJ. writers take you inside the world of fashion. Whether it is through the dominating presence of the style resonating from Italy, the past work of a French couturier on exhibit, behind the scenes at Fashion Week in LA, or even delving into the philosophy behind style.

This month we continue our Moderne Day Series with our Moderne Day Designer, Boris Burdikin, who takes us behind the scenes of his impressive portfolio of work including leading the design team which re-branded the notorious Sean “Diddy” Combs menswear line, Sean John, with the release of their new collection.

I invite you to take a leisurely stroll through MMJ. ISSUE VII: International Style. Grab a cappuccino and indulge in the ever so present world of style.

I would also like to thank our contributing editors this month, Dorothy McClelland and

Scott Wicken for their hard work in composing this issue.

-Roxana Vosough

Note from The Publisher & Founder                                          

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