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Note from Publisher.                                           Note from Editor.

I  write this note, from a balcony deep in the rainforest a top the mountains in the enchanting country of green, pure bliss, and calm being  San Jose, Costa Rica and publish from the pacific coast alongside the beautiful beach of Flamingo, Costa Rica.

To be a citizen of the world, one constantly amdist travel, various residencey and international connection is certianly a life worth living for. 

Opportunities for independent travel came to me at a relatively young age (as I embraced every opportunity!), since those moments in leaving surroundings so familiar to those seemingly from a different era’s steeped deep into my persona to continually lead life amidst an appreciation of various historis, cultures and people, while maintaining a great deal of respect for  where I was born and raised in California.

ISSUE I: Citizen of the World, brings together a select group of individuals throughout the globe, writing in the fields of their passions and interests, giving the reader an international perspective from art openings in Paris, to the glimpse of a gifted and striving broadway actress’ life in New York, to the truly unique 3-dimensional fashions arrising in Amsterdam, to modern philosphy for the 20 something, to the rise of contemporary Russian photography exhibited in Dallas, to modern day philosophy for the 20-something, to the take on citizen journalism from an aspiring Parisian.

MMJ Feature Sections, take a vintage glance for our first issue, focusing on two truly international citizens, Moderne Day Woman,

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Onassis Kennedy and Moderne Day Man John Lennon.

​Embracing the advent of new technology, it seems that almost anyone can create a publication, an online blog or various forms of self expression through words, images and other free forms. Which can be quite prominent, while other times a mere distraction from the pure beauty behind the written word and organization of thought.

Mode-Moderne Journal seeks at maintaing a leval of integrity in our publication. Our writers are composed of promising individuals with the passion and desire to truly make their mark in this world.

I am privilaged to work with these truly great individuals, and I look forward to the foundation we will set for this publication through the inspiration of ideas and establishment of internationally intellectual relationships

We welcome you on this journey and invite you to indulge upon the written word in MMJ ISSUE I: Citizen of the World.

Roxana Vosough

The world is regressing and moving forward at the same time. We’ve circled back to the bohemian-chic time period of the 1960s and 70s; Mod-era fashion is back in style and digital photos are being filtered to look like they were snapped 50 years ago. But technology is moving faster than a New York minute. And categories including music, fashion, and art are full of new collaborations between contrasting artists. It’s a time of individualism, protest, and becoming more self-involved, versus the last decade, where we seemed to just be following the tide without much inquiry, as if the world thought it was unstoppable.

This month, the worldly writers of Mode Moderne Journal bring you questions of life, art, fashion, and technology. They remind us that today is a stimulating time, because what we create today will shape how we evolve in the decades to follow.

Kelly A. Shannon

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