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By Roxana Vosough

“Sundance is about change comes...float with change, accommodate with change”.—Robert Redford

“We watch things happen in the universe around us, and we adapt to it with the content that we provide, and the choices belong to the audience. We adapt with change, we keep in touch with our original purpose, support and promote original voices to be seen and heard.”

“Sex depicted romance in the 60s in frames, and today it is about relations, because of the pressures of the times.”

“The audiences are in charge now.”

"Sometimes the narrowest minds bark the loudest."

The leading voice which calmly guides Sundance on retaining it’s values and purpose, Redford, along with his fellow directors, take time out of the first day of the festival to speak with a select group of press about the direction the festival is taking

​ The idea behind the Sundance Film Festival originated when Redford started a series of labs and workshops for independent filmmakers. Upon completion of the program there were films, but nowhere to exhibit them. This launched the idea of the festival, which would then create a community where independent filmmakers could screen and discuss the films, as well as create a greater network of distribution for films that otherwise may have been overlooked.  Under Redford’s careful direction the festival has stayed true to its roots by focusing on independent films, yet has never shied from adapting and adjusting their strategies to better serve their audience.

The film festival has found itself expanding to the United Kingdom with Sundance London, whose sophmore edition will take place April 25th-28th this year.  This film and music festival will premiere both UK and international films shown at the festival in Park City in January.

Sundance also recently announced that the festival will have a small presence in Los Angeles this summer, called Next Weekend. This is an opportunity for film lovers to experience eight yet-to-be-released feature films, as well as interact with filmmakers, cast, and crew.  The event taking place August 8th-11th at venues such as the Hollywood Forever Cemetary, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Los Angeles, and The Hammer Museum, will include screenings, panel discussions, and, of course, the infamous parties.

Roxana Vosough, is the Founder & Publisher of Mode-Moderne Journal

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