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Picadilly, London

"Right around the corner from Buckingham Palace and the home of the Ritz Hotel, my choice is Piccadilly in London, England. If we're talking streets, London has to be the one of the greatest cities to roam around and stumble upon all the elegance you could ask for in a European city."-Diar Nejadeh

Bleecker Street, New York
"As Simon & Garfunkel sang, “They say Broadway can’t be beat, and Fifth Avenue is pretty neat, But none of them big boys can compete, With my down home one and only Bleecker Street…” They couldn’t have said it any better. I stayed in NYC for a couple months, and this street always inspires me the most. Full of live, pretty trees, inspiration, smells of flowers and good food and great people!"-Marthe Seydel

Cogels-Osylei, Antwerp
"My favorite street ever is the ‘Cogels-Osylei’ in Antwerp, Belgium because of all the beautiful houses. A walk in this neighborhood brings you immediately back to The Belle Epoque."-Astrid Peeters

Champs Elysées, Paris
"Champs Elysées in Paris, in France. It’s not even a street it’s so huge! What I like about it isn’t the fancy stores, but it’s all these people from all over the world walking on the same straight line."-Nathalie Moga

Union Street, San Francisco
"Union St. in San Francisco because of the clusters of nightlife, small cafes, and quintessential San Francisco apartment buildings."-Scott Wicken

Las Ramblas, Barcelona
"My favorite street in the world is Las Ramblas, in Barcelona, Spain."-Amanda Slim Rodriguez

Palermo, Buenos Aires
"I love the streets of Palermo, the celebrated design district of Buenos Aires. Discoveries and surprises await you with every step there, whether it is a stylish little café, a charming boutique or handcrafted jewelry sold on the squares on Sundays."-Marina Nekyludova

Columbos Circle, New York
"Columbus Circle, New York would have to be one of my favorite streets due to the sheer fact that it's probably one of only a hand full of roundabouts in the United States. Not to mention, it’s probably one the most popular and most traveled roundabouts. What truly makes this circle so amazing is what it corners. In about two-thirds of the circle, you have some of New York’s most popular buildings, while the rest of the circle faces Central Park, giving you a transformation from an every so busy city and into a serine atmosphere of nature and peacefulness."-Maicol A. Chavez

Rees Street, Queenstown, New Zealand
"Rees Street in Queenstown, New Zealand is one of my ultimate favorites. The little street is home to some great restaurants and darling shops surrounding the vicinity, resting right on gorgeous Lake Wakatipu."-Kelly A. Shannon

Via dei Condotti, Rome

"Via dei Condotti, Rome. The street, originally named after the conduit, for its abundance and richness in water, stands today in the heart of Rome. For me it is the center-point in the city, full of great shops, fashion houses, cafes and steps away from getting lost amidst other cool streets in Roma.."-Roxana Vosough

Whats your favorite street?

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