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By Roxana Vosough



Costa Rica is an enchanting place, as I have visited the rich coast on numerous occasions. The fresh and pure beauty is simply rejuvenating. Most engaging, however, is the lifestyle. People are so calm, relaxed, and simply don’t really ever ‘worry.’ The country’s saying is “Pura Vida,” live life, enjoy it, and don’t worry so much. Every time I leave, the pura vida notion is instilled within me, as I head back to the states, where the concept rarely exists in popular society.

There are several unique points of view to depict this country; from the incredible hot springs at Tabacon, where you leave with skin so soft, to the intense River Rafting journeys, where one moment you are in the most enchanting spot in the world, and the next, as you plummet into an abyss fighting for your life in the rapids! There’s also the classic zip lining (for which there is no net to protect you -- in case you were wondering), which I have also done on occasions, both in heavy rain and beautiful sunshine, it’s always a nice glide atop of the rainforest, a rare view. There are also the alligators, and so many of them! I always enjoy walking across the bridge (very high above) and looking down to see the masses, sometimes visible through the mud, and other times not so much.

In San Jose Paos Volcano, is a must see. It is often covered amidst the mist, but get lucky and the mist will fade and the active and erupting volcano will emerge. The experience, is very surreal, but at the same time you feel so connected to the earth, it is an awesome experience.

A nearby drive away, is the La Paz waterfall, a perfect place for a picnic, sitting on the rocks, with the powerful force of nature pouring into the abyss, can you ask for a more perfect scene?

Costa Rica is also host to a beautiful Villa, which is one of my ultimate favorite secret spots in the world, Villa Caletas. This beautiful Villa was designed by a French architect and resembles a vintage Italian villa atop a mountain, so high that the rest of the view fades gradually in the distance, as though you’re floating amidst the clouds in some sort of incredible heaven.

From one coast of Costa Rica to another, I would say my favorite beach would be Manuel Antonia, as it’s vast, yet still, with islands and vast cliffs in the distance.

If you asked me to classify the food, I would say rich, delicious and plantines! My recommendation, if you want a safe bet for classic Tican cuisine, Spoons is located through out San Jose. For small, hole-in-the-wall spots, I leave the search up to you, as you’ll be surprised with what you’ll find.

For the best time to visit Costa Rica, I would say, when you need it most. The country is lovely year round, as there are two seasons (rainy and dry). But inevitably, you’ll get both when you are there. Because, after all, she is a rainforest. However, the most popular time for tourism is in December (but trust me, you want to avoid the tourist crowds). The San Jose airport is very clean, as it was recently renovated, and there are now several more options for coffee (which is the best!) and food.

Roxana Vosough, 25 is the founder and publisher of MMJ.

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